Our Services

We provide cab services for both the patients as well as the employees working in a health care industry.

Our Services Include

Hospital Discharge

NHS and Hospitals in UK are struggling with lack of timely availability of the proper non-emergency patients (NEPTS) transportation. As a result, even after the discharge, patients are some times waiting more than 12 hours. It means the emergency patients in the A&E department patients cannot be shifted due to the shortage of beds in the hospital ward.

Ambulance drivers and paramedics are also getting occupied due to long waiting in the A&E

Hippo with its medically trained drives and staff offers clean, hygienic, safe, hassle free, cost effective and immediate (within 15 minutes turn around time) discharge transportation from hospitals.

Disability Travel

13.3 million* peoples in the UK are disabled. 

13.7 million peoples between 65-100 years of age.

But they do not have any dedicated transportation for them. Hippo understand their need and Hippo’s specially trained drivers and staff make sure these vulnerable people get personalised and dignified transportation for their day to day healthcare requirements.

Dialysis and Chemotherapy

2.3 million Dialysis and 3 million Chemotherapy patients need infection free vehicles which is not yet available in UK. Hippo is the first to provide clean, hygienic, safe and cost effective (up to 60% economical than ambulances with same ambulatory support system) 

GP Surgery or Clinic Visit

Hippo offer a reliable transportation solution for the daily to and fro journey for the disabled patients, doctors and the employees of NHS.

Most of the hospitals struggle with lack of reliable transport

For pathology and document transportation after the daily cut off period sometimes GP surgery and Hospitals struggles.

Hippo fills this gap owing to its GPS controlled and CCTV monitored vehicles, which makes it safe to transport pathology samples and medical document.

Private Insurance Patients

Hippo offers a cost effective prices for MRI, Ultrasonography, X-Ray and pathology diagnostics transportation for the private health insurance companies.

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