Living with Diabetes can be really exasperating, considering that it is a chronic disease and cannot be cured completely. Although the best way to manage diabetes is through self-help, diabetic patients also need support from their loved ones to live with the disease.

Here’s how you should take care of a diabetic patient.

1) Provide emotional support

It’s very common for diabetic patients to feel isolated, upset, and discouraged when diagnosed with the disease. Provide emotional support to them. The best way to prevent them from getting discouraged and keep them motivated is by gifting diabetes management books.

Inspire them with stories of other diabetic patients who manage their disease effectively. Things become much easier for diabetes patients once they learn there are people who live happily and healthily with the disease.

2) Reducing stress

Stress is what alters how the body responds to insulin; stress can elevate blood sugar levels. So, it is important that you help your loved one manage stress. Encourage your loved one to practise meditation and relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditative music.

3) Help in managing diet

A healthy and balanced diet is the key to managing blood sugar levels effectively. But then quitting addictive foods such as packaged snacks is near to impossible. So, you can help your loved one in managing diet by making changes together.

Bring only healthy food items in your house. When you eat the same food as your loved one, he/she may not feel isolated. Plus, you will be doing yourself good by eating healthy with your loved one.

4) Provide company in exercising

Given the chronic nature of diabetes, it may be hard for a patient to even start on exercising. Enter you; you can give company to your loved one and making the exercise regimen fun and enjoyable (and it’s always good to have an exercising partner isn’t it?).

5) Encourage to monitor blood glucose regularly

You should always encourage your loved one to use the glucometer regularly. Make him/her aware of the fact that blood glucose levels fluctuate several times in a day. This way, your loved one will become more conscious about keeping the blood sugar level in check.

6) Learn the skill of giving insulin injections

It is always helpful to learn the skill of giving insulin injections; especially if the patient is a child or elderly. You can learn the skill by going through training from your loved one’s doctor.

7) Always ensure a safe medical appointment

Diabetes patients need to visit their doctor every once in a while. So, it is very important to ensure safety during the journey as diabetes patients are often weak and lethargic.

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