Socialising is a core human activity. Connecting with others is essential for our survival. But those who have dementia find it difficult to connect with others. Dementia causes the patients to withdraw from friends, family, and other activities. This can cause severe cognitive impairment. And to counter that, it’s essential to involve Dementia patients in various activities. This gives them a sense of self, boosts their self-esteem, and keeps them motivated. Here’s a list of activities that can bring pleasure to Dementia patients:

1. Read to them

If the patient has a favourite book, then read it to them. Let them hold the book in their hands and feel its pages. Encourage them to enjoy the distinctive smell that a book has. Reading aloud works well when you are reading poetry to them. The rhythm of the words helps in calming their mind.

2. Revisit their childhood

People with dementia have a strong association with their memories of childhood. Help them in revisiting those memories. Get a photo album with their pictures from their childhood or teenage. Get some good old periodicals containing lots of pictures.

3. Create a Bag of memories

Another way to rekindle their childhood memories is by creating a bag full of goodies that will remind them of their early days. Fill a bag with items that will remind them of their early teens. Keep scented products such as aftershaves, perfumes, soap, peppermint, or gingerbread. Some scents are strongly associated with memories, and that may help in taking them back down the memory lane.

4. Listen to their favourite music

Create a playlist of the songs from their teenage years. Old classic rock and another type of music are easy to find. If they have grown up singing a particular song, then try singing it with them.

5. Explore the nature

Take them for walks amidst nature. Let them listen to the chirping birds, feel the wet grass and sunshine on their shoulders. Nature is the best to bring on sensory experiences in your conversations. Ask them what their favourite outdoor activities were and try to engage them in those activities.

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