Medicare mistakes can happen anytime. While doctors and health care practitioners do their best to keep you safe, you too can take a few steps to avoid mistakes and stay safe. How? Let’s find out:

Steps to avoid Medicare mistakes

Here is what you can do to ensure you and your loved one’s safety:

1. Do not ignore any medical emergency

Be it a constant heartburn or nausea; often we tend to ignore these small signals that our body gives us whenever there’s wrong with the system. Avoid doing this. Whether you are at home or any other place, keep the number of Medicare transportation services handy. If you are not feeling good, book medicare transportation immediately and rush to the hospital or clinic.

2. Make sure your doctor knows what you are taking

Be it vitamin pills, dietary supplements, or any other herbs, whatever you are taking, make sure that your doctor knows it. Your doctor has a complete knowledge of your medical history. He/she knows what suits your system and what not; and what is good for you and what is not.

3. Know your medicines

Often patients are not bothered to ask about the medications they are taking. Until you do not know how the medication is going to affect your system, your health is definitely at risk. Ask your doctor what’re the medicines for and how long you are supposed to take them. Ask them if the medicines have any side effects or not. Enquire what kind of food or activities are prevented when you’re taking those medicines; and whether you can take dietary supplements along with it or not.

4. When in Doubt, Ask

Often, the directions on the medicine labels are difficult to understand. For instance, if it’s written “take medicines four times daily” then ask if the dosage is supposed to be every 6 hours round the clock or just anytime during your waking hours.

5. Pick the medicines carefully

While getting the medicines from the pharmacist, always enquire whether it’s the same medicine that the doctor has specifically prescribed or not. Often, Medicare errors occur due to wrong medicines and wrong dosage.

Medicare Transportation

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